Party Games

A new regular segment looking at the stories which have been shaping British politics.

by News Reporter on 7 May 2019 08:17


The state of British politics has seldom been in flux more than it is today. This new regular segment rounds up the best of the press; highlighting how the two major Parties are reacting to the ever changing political climate, as well as looking at the new Parties, which have emerged in response to Brexit:-


Conservative Home – Paul Goodman: The local election aftermath. May and Corbyn are like two spooked children drawing nearer for comfort as the thunder rage.

Daily Mirror – Kevin Maguire: ‘Corbyn could be PM – if he stops playing games with Theresa May.’

Daily Express – Rees-Mogg ‘to stand for Brexit Party’ in Peterborough by-election to send message to May

The New European – How Seumas Milne quietly became Labour’s power player

Prospect – We are on the cusp of the greatest recalibration of British politics since the 19th century

The Guardian – Rory Stewart declares he would like to be prime minister

Steyn Online – Mark Steyn: A Hard Sell

Wales Online – Inside a slick Brexit Party rally with Nigel Farage, Russia Today and panto-style chanting

The Spectator – Fraser Nelson: The Lib Dems are back – with their strongest advance since 1995

Daily Mail – Changing politics – by making it naffer: Henry Deedes sees Chuka’s party unveil it’s ‘diverse’ new candidates

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