Party Games

A new weekly segment looking at the stories which have been shaping British politics, over the past week.

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 7 May 2019 08:17


The state of British politics has seldom been in flux more than it is today. This new weekly segment rounds up the best of the press; highlighting how the two major Parties are reacting to the ever changing political climate, as well as looking at the new Parties, which have emerged in response to Brexit. This week’s selection is below:-


Conservative Home – Paul Goodman: The local election aftermath. May and Corbyn are like two spooked children drawing nearer for comfort as the thunder rage.

Daily Mirror – Kevin Maguire: ‘Corbyn could be PM – if he stops playing games with Theresa May.’

Daily Express – Rees-Mogg ‘to stand for Brexit Party’ in Peterborough by-election to send message to May

The New European – How Seumas Milne quietly became Labour’s power player

Prospect – We are on the cusp of the greatest recalibration of British politics since the 19th century

The Guardian – Rory Stewart declares he would like to be prime minister

Steyn Online – Mark Steyn: A Hard Sell

Wales Online – Inside a slick Brexit Party rally with Nigel Farage, Russia Today and panto-style chanting

The Spectator – Fraser Nelson: The Lib Dems are back – with their strongest advance since 1995

Daily Mail – Changing politics – by making it naffer: Henry Deedes sees Chuka’s party unveil it’s ‘diverse’ new candidates

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