Eye on Europe - Populism Rising

Our regular look at the news and opinion makers influencing EU politics.

by News Reporter on 11 May 2019 05:52


With European Parliamentary elections fast approaching the surge in support for populist Parties across Europe dominates our regular selection of must-read pieces: -


France 24 – How far can Le Pen, Salvini wish of a far-right grand alliance in EU parliament go

Deutsche Welle – German government defends planned immigration laws

La Stampa – ‘Italy won’t take lessons form Europe.’ Salvini replies to Austrian Chancellor.

Foreign Policy – Anti-Europe Parties Aren’t Anti-Europe Anymore

Sky News – ‘I’m a Lib Dem’ declares EU’s Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt

Prospect – The European parliament is about to undergo profound change – with consequences for the whole continent

Bloomberg – Italy Exits Its Slump as Output Grows More Than Forecast

Politico Europe – Commission candidates target dangerous enemy: National capitals

The Washington Post – Henry Olsen: Trumpism isn’t going away. Europe provers it

Reuters: EU heads put climate, democracy and jobs at heart of future course

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