Party Games - Conservatives in Crisis

Our regular segment looking at the stories which have been shaping British politics, over the past week.

by News Reporter on 11 May 2019 06:12


The state of British politics has been seldom been more in flux than it is today. Here we offer a selection of must-read pieces dominated by the collapse in support for the governing Conservative Party: -


The Guardian – Second Brexit referendum would be doing SNP’s work, Boris Johnson claims

The Independent – Theresa May risks Conservative wrath as European election leaflet targets Brexit deal rebels

The Sun – Sir. Vince Cable claims Government is secretly planning a Brexit vote

Conservative Home – Henry Hill: Davidson rejects calls to split Tories as she sets out campaign vision

New Statesman – It’s not true to say that Labour’s Brexit position is ambiguous

Sky News – Jeremy Hosking: Former Conservative donor revealed as major backer of Brexit Party

Market Watch – Brexit Brief: Conservatives brace for heavy blow at European elections

Daily Mirror – What’s in the Tory EU election manifesto? Conservative policies for 2019 poll

ITV News – Esther McVey vows to run for Conservative leader: So who are the other runner and riders

Design Week – Design Week: Change UK: why are political logos always boring and predictable?

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