Moving the Markets - Uber Upset

Take a deep dive into the best of the press, on Uber’s terrible first day, as a publicly trading company.

by News Reporter on 11 May 2019 08:27


Uber stock dropped a stunning 7% in value, yesterday – it’s first day as a publicly trading company. In a special edition of Moving the Markets will be highlighting the best reporting on this stunning Uber Upset: -


Market Watch – Uber’s IPO was the 5th worst over the past quarter-century, by this measure

CNBC – Cramer’s week ahead: The market can go higher with Uber’s IPO, tariffs behind us

Fox Business – Stuart Varney: Uber IPO is a buyer-beware opportunity

Forbes – Uber’s Rocky Road To Growth In Europe: Regulators, Rivals and Riots

Fortune – Saudi Arabia’s Wealth Fund Is Underwater On Uber’s IPO

Fast Company – Uber and the doublespeak at the heart of Silicon Valley

Tech Crunch – A brief history of Uber’s bumpy road to an IPO

Bloomberg – The Unicorn Worriers Weren’t Wrong

The New York Times – Strike All You Want Uber Won’t Pay a Living Wage

The Boston Globe – The true cost of Uber’s profitless stock market debut

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