Canada Catch-Up - Conservative Comeback

A regular look back at the news and opinion makers influencing Canadian politics.

by News Reporter on 11 May 2019 09:08


With the Canadian Federal Election coming up, in late October, the issue of the Conservative Party of Canada looks set to seize power, by opposing Justin Trudeau’s unpopular carbon tax.  

Here is a look at the recent top stories Canadian politics: -


True North Centre for Public Policy – Carbon tax costs hit families most, PBO reveals

Ottawa Citizen – Andrew MacDougall: Can Trudeau avoid sounding like a climate-change hysteric

National Post – Andrew Coyne: With a chance to reach centrist voters, Scheer’s policy speeches are smart politics

The Globe and Mail – Campbell Clark: Andrew Sheer’s ‘vision’ is Classic Conservative with an anti-China twist

The Star Calgary – Kenney follows Ford’s push for campus free speech. But critics say it’s a dog whistle for far-right voters

CBC News – Trudeau’s former top adviser to help companies manage climate-change risks – Yellow Vests rally in Saskatoon fighting carbon tax

Maclean’s – Alberta’s straight-talking belligerent statesman launches his own era

Regina Leader-Post – Moe to meet with bankers and Doug Ford in Toronto this week

Financial Post – Don’t blame Doug Ford for the costs of breaking unfair beer retailing contracts

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