Interview with BBC Question Time Tory, Emily Hewertson

Emily Hewertson spoke truth to power on last week's Question Time. Now she is speaking exclusively to The Commentator.

by Matt Snape on 15 May 2019 09:33

Emily Hewertson, the brave Tory activist who said on BBC Question Time that she is voting for the Brexit Party, speaks exclusively to The Commentator’s Matt Snape, in a new no-spin interview.  


What is the mood in your Conservative Association? Do other members feel the same way you do?


In my Conservative association, like all over the country, everyone is divided. There are different opinions and discussions on my Facebook page. Some people have said I should leave the Conservative Party because I have said I will support the Brexit Party in these European elections, whereas others feel I should vote for them and it is the Conservative Party that has got me to this stage.

I would not vote for them in a general election as it would split the vote and bring in a Labour government.


Who is your MP and has Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement strained your relationship with them, like it has with so many other MPs and their associations?


My MP is Chris Heaton-Harris. He is the MP for Daventry. He resigned as a no deal minister on the grounds that Theresa May disregarded no deal altogether. Theresa May has ignored all planning for no deal.

In Northamptonshire, we have many strong Leave MPs like Andrea Leadsom, Peter Bone, Philip Hollobone and Andrew Lewer. Northamptonshire is a very strong Leave area and most MPs voted against the Withdrawal Agreement, except for Andrea Leadsom.


What is it that frustrates you the most about the Withdrawal Agreement?


That’s a hard question. I feel it is not the Brexit we voted for. The Withdrawal Agreement has the backstop and the divorce bill, and I feel the Agreement takes the mickey. We have contributed far too much to the EU and we are getting very little in return.


Do you feel like May has purposefully betrayed Brexit by contradicting her own Lancaster House speech two years ago?


Theresa May is an awful leader. In the 2017 General Election, we lost so many MPs, even though some opinion polls had us 20 points ahead. We lost our majority. May was not the right leader to deal with Brexit. She keeps letting us down. She has broken so many promises. We were meant to be out by March 29th, and she took no deal off the table. She is arrogant and stubborn. She should do the honourable thing and stand down. It’s so frustrating.


Do you think, instead of threatening to purge members who want to vote for the Brexit Party, CCHQ should understand why those members are voting for the Brexit Party and feed it back to Theresa May?


I get frustrated with CCHQ. They completely miss the point. They do not understand why so many members feel betrayed and why they are voting for the Brexit Party. The ultimate message will be voting for the Brexit Party, and I cannot wait to see the results.

But CCHQ have not called me yet and threatened to take me out the party.

CCHQ are not good with the Young Conservatives in general. The Young Conservatives have so much support and CCHQ are not capitalising on this.


Do you think other members should be brave enough to come out and say they are voting for the Brexit Party on social media because they are unhappy with this situation, like you did on BBC Question Time?


I have spoken to many people who have been loyal members for longer than I have, and they have told me in confidence that they will be voting for the Brexit Party. People fear the implications. They should not be put in that position. I think the message on the ballot paper is the clearest message.


And do you think CCHQ should be dismantled, or have its power curbed?


I think CCHQ should be reformed and it should be more representative of the Conservative Party.


If there was a leadership contest tomorrow, who would you vote for? And why?


I’m going to be supporting Dominic Raab. He has charisma. Did you see that clip that showed what EU negotiators said about him? They said he is difficult and that they fear him. That is what we need.

Every single MP has made a blunder and we can’t focus on one thing. The British public are too critical. As a character, Raab is strong, determined and stubborn, but stubborn in the right way.


You can catch Emily’s appearance on BBC Question Time here.


Matt Snape is a political journalist whose stories have been featured in numerous national, local and specialist publications

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