How Theresa May has damaged Britain and America’s special relationship

Matt Snape argues that for the sake of the UK/US Special Relationship, Theresa May should resign before the President's State visit.

by Matt Snape on 17 May 2019 08:34

It is amazing how much damage one leader can do to a country in a short space of time, and Theresa May leaves one breathless when it comes to her general incompetence in running the UK Government. Her ineptitude at handling the Brexit negotiations speaks volumes about her inability to defend Britain against its EU enemies, but to tarnish the special relationship between the UK and the US shows her administration has sunk to an all-time low.

From the very beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has offered our Prime Minister a free trade deal once Britain leaves (or was meant to leave) the EU on March 29th, 2019. Despite all the scaremongering from the left that the free trade deal will lead to chlorinated chicken being imported into the UK and US companies being able to buy the NHS, trade between the US and the UK will be worth much more to the British economy in the long-term than EU trade. It is no secret the EU has a trade imbalance with this country and that their economy is set to shrink to 16 percent of the world’s GDP by the 2020s. Meanwhile, America has a trade surplus with the UK worth $19 billion in 2018, according to the US Trade Representative. Imagine how much more that trade could be worth if tariffs were removed between both countries.

This is what frustrated me the most about the way Theresa May conducted herself throughout the EU negotiations. She has failed to take advantage of the most pro-British president the US has had since George W. Bush and made no plans to prepare a free trade deal in the (now unlikely) event of Britain leaving the EU. At last year’s NATO summit, the Prime Minister sided with her EU partners at every opportunity against the President over his plans to impose tariffs on EU goods. Tariffs are bad in the short-term, but I can understand why Trump did this- he wants to force Brussels to lower their tariffs on American goods and in good faith, the US then lowers its tariffs. But when EU leaders are deliberately undermining the Prime Minister on our television screens and you have a US President who is on your side, and not the EU’s, it makes no psychological sense why you would side with your enemies over your friends. The woman is clearly a sucker for punishment.

But the worst is yet to come. It is clear May has no spine, as shown by the fact she does not defend her country against EU bullies, but Joe Biden recently revealed to the Washington Examiner that he heard from 14 heads of state, May included, that they voiced their concerns to him about President Trump. Biden recently made a ‘Freudian slip’ when referring to May as Margaret Thatcher (in May’s dreams) during his bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination. When was the last time she voiced those concerns to Trump himself, I wonder? Possibly never as the woman lacks courage.

These comments have provoked outrage from those who value the special relationship. Damien Smyth, the landlord of a pub renamed ‘The Trump Arms’ for the President's last UK visit, told The Commentator:

“I am shocked at the reports that Mrs. May does not respect the democratic will of the American people and sees fit to call up President Trump’s political opponents to moan about him. I cannot believe this is true. Either she has to publicly state for the record that Biden was telling a porky or admit that it happened and resign before the State visit.”


Given May’s behaviour thus far, it is doubtful she has the gall to resign following this disgraceful episode. But the depths of her arrogance and selfishness have astounded most of us. Not only has she ruined Brexit, but she has tarnished the special relationship at a time it is needed most. One can only hope her successor values the importance of the relationship to then UK and ends this long national nightmare.


Matt Snape is a political journalist whose stories have been featured in numerous national, local and specialist publications

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