The break-up everyone saw coming

Dr. Peter Hill on why when is came to the cross-party talks on Brexit, breaking up was oh so very easy to do.

Dr. Peter Hill
On 17 May 2019 15:40

According to Jeremy Corbyn the Brexit talks between Labour Party and the Conservative Government have “gone as far as they can”.  The fact that they have lasted this long is a minor miracle! 

Just four days ago Tom Watson (Labour’s Deputy Leader) stated on BBC Radio 4 that Labour are a “remain and reform party”.  He is also on record as agreeing with Labour’s Keir Starmer that any deal would require a further Referendum.  Labour cannot even agree within its own senior ranks what its position is on Brexit - it was never going to agree with the Government!

In his letter Corbyn cites the instability of Theresa May’s Government, and understandably so.  Her Premiership has been dogged by poor decision after poor decision – calling the 2017 General Election, the Manifesto that was approved for the campaign, the entire negotiating strategy towards the EU, and a lack-lustre domestic strategy which demonstrates a clear lack of vision.  These combined with Theresa May’s now-infamous lack of self-awareness have left Conservative MPs, activist and supporters exasperated. Boris Johnson’s slightly muted declaration that he would run for the Leadership of the Conservative Party, and therefore, the country will bring some comfort to many seeking an end to Theresa May’s regime. However, it’s still only May - this is going to be a very long and heated summer!


Dr. Peter Hill is a Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management at St. Mary’s University, Twickenham

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