Why it’s time for a Raab premiership

Matt Snape argues that Dominic Rabb is the Tory leadership contender who can actually deliver Brexit.

Matt Snape
On 27 May 2019 03:30

Every thirty or forty years or so, British politics seems to witness a seismic change that shatters the status quo. The British people then elect a leader who will lead them into that brave new age. Whether it’s Disraeli, Gladstone, Lloyd George, Churchill or Thatcher, the UK has elected some political titans during its time. It has been forty years since Britain voted for a leader like Thatcher and the time for significant change has come again.

Theresa May’s premiership has been disastrous, and she was never the right leader for the right time. From handling Brexit to damaging the UK-US special relationship and allowing our Armed Forces to be prosecuted by solicitors, which the Daily Telegraph exposed in a devastating report, May was never going to be in the same league as the likes of prime ministers listed above. In an age of Brexit and Trump, this country requires someone who will transform those events into opportunities for Britain. I cannot think of anyone better to do that than Dominic Raab.

There are many other Brexiteers who I respect that I think they would do a stunning job, too. For example, Priti Patel is a principled Brexiteer and another Mrs Thatcher in waiting. But because she was sacked from the Cabinet, she has not had ample time to develop herself as an outstanding candidate yet. Raab is also not in the Cabinet, but he was once tasked with the unenviable task of reforming May’s hated Withdrawal Agreement (WA). When the Prime Minister bulldozed him at every opportunity, he took a principled stance and resigned. Though Blair had convictions on issues like the Iraq War, it is fair to say Britain has not had a principled leader since Thatcher. Considering this country was meant to leave the EU on March 29th, 2019, we need a leader who will ensure we leave on October 31st with a deal or no deal. Raab would do that for the reasons mentioned above.

He is much more enthusiastic about free markets and free trade than May ever was. The other day, I pondered upon a Daily Telegraph article where potential leaders were speaking at an event about what they believe in. I was impressed with Raab’s willingness to cut taxes further than previous prime ministers, which will make conservatism appeal to younger voters who want to save for and buy their own homes and generally progress in life. If Britain leaves the EU with no deal, it needs to cut corporation tax further to make the UK an attractive place to do business, and Raab would do that because he genuinely believes in low taxes.

Considering the local and European elections were a bloodbath for the Tories, Raab seems to be gathering enough support from MPs who believe he can alleviate the damage caused to the Conservative Party by Brexit. Michael Gove has the support of only two more MPs than Raab, placing the latter in second place to secure the first round of nominations from MPs before members vote. Most people consider Gove to be a snake. It would be difficult for someone with little charisma and warmth to win the Tories a majority in a general election this year. Raab has those traits and with his support for Brexit, he can win the Conservatives a majority.

These are the three main reasons why I am supporting Dominic Raab as Britain’s next Prime Minister and the next Leader of the Conservatives. The UK is desperate for change and needs a new leader to take us into the 2020s and a post-Brexit age. It is #TimeforRaab.


Matt Snape is a political journalist whose stories have been featured in numerous national, local and specialist publications

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