Infosec Europe: ‘The bad guys are no longer outside of the organisation’ warns Centrify European Chief

Andy Heather, VP at Centrify has warned businesses that malicious parties are now more likely than ever to have broken into the business, underlining the urgent need for identity-based security. Heather was speaking at a special Parliamentary Summit on the Infosec threat, alongside a panel of cyber industry experts including Symantec, HackerOne and Nimbus Hosting.

Cyber security leaders
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On 3 June 2019 19:41

Cyber security leaders have issued a stark warning of the threat posed by cyber-crime, on the eve of Infosecurity Europe, Europe’s number one information security event. Described by attendees as ‘The European RSA’ Infosecurity Europe takes place this week on 4th-6th June with over 400 exhibitors expected to attend.

Key attendees billed to speak are Jamie Bartlett, bestselling author of The People Vs Tech, The Dark Net & Radicals, and Dame Inga Beale, former CEO of Lloyd’s of London.

Speaking on the eve of Infosecurity Europe at a special cyber security summit in Parliament, Andy Heather, VP, Centrify told delegates, “It’s critical to recognise that the bad guys are no longer outside of the organisation; they have already broken in or are insiders with legitimate log-in credentials. That’s why identity-based security is so important, because businesses need to know exactly who these bad actors are and limit where they go, what they do and always record and monitor activity.”

Heather continued, “We always recommend a zero trust approach, to prevent malicious parties from gaining access to privileged accounts, which is now the number one source of data breaches.”

Paul Knott, Director, Security Strategist, EMEA Northern Region, Symantec described the summit as a ‘thought provoking and entertaining debate on the topic of cybercrime.’

He said, “We discussed the evolving threat landscape, differences between enterprise, midmarket and consumers, the role of education, diversity in recruitment and development of existing resources. Lively and informative discussions took place with attendees and panel members both commenting how beneficial the session was.”

Laurie Mercer, Security Engineer, HackerOne said, “Cyber crime affects all of us, but like in the real world, there are many more good hackers than cyber criminals. As a community we must face this challenge head on, asking the question: how can we unlock our hidden cyber security skills? How can we efficiently fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cyber criminals? Millennials, veterans, gamers and students will all have a role in making a safer digital Britain.”

Tim Dunton, MD, Nimbus Hosting said, “A key theme raised by the panel was the lack of education resources and systems in place, which is reducing the supply of candidates in the marketplace, as well as the need for businesses to identify which data is the most important before implementing a cyber security programme. Personally, I believe that SME security in the UK is still overlooked, and company leaders need more support from third-party providers to look out for their interests and protect them from the rising tide of cyber threats.”

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