Boris Johnson for Prime Minister

Dr. Peter Hill writes about why he is supporting Boris Johnson campaign to make Britain even greater!

by Dr. Peter Hill on 3 July 2019 17:42

“Perfection is not of this world” said the Irish playwright Samuel Beckett.  All too often we look for our politicians to be perfect – to have the photogenic Instagram lifestyle that we can envy and aspire to in equal measure.  Any perceived imperfection in our leaders is leapt upon by the press and other opposing forces as evidence of ‘unworthiness’.  We continue to look for that perfection, but are always inevitably disappointed when it turns out our politicians are just mere mortals – human beings like you and I.   


I’m backing Boris Johnson MP to be the next Leader of the Conservative Party, and therefore Prime Minister, exactly because of his imperfections. I like that he wears his humanity on his sleeve – it made him an outstanding Mayor of London able to connect with ordinary people.  I feel inspired by his energy, his positivity and his hope. 


If Boris becomes the Prime Minister he will use his planetary magnetism to build a team of stars around him. He has already set out a clear vision for Brexit, but more importantly than that, he has repeatedly stressed how Britain will open-up to the world – mirroring his vision and achievements as Mayor of London. 


Since he announced he would stand for the Leadership I don’t think I have felt this excited and positive about British politics in a very long time! As a Member of the Conservative Party I believe he’s the right candidate to re-energise Conservative Party Members, activists, supporters and voters. If he wins we can finally move on from being the weak and wobbly Party of the last three years and once again be the natural party of Government.


Dr Peter Hill

BackBoris Constituency Captain for Bracknell

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