Boris: Don't compare me to Donald Trump

Being compared to Trump would be ‘the death of my political career’, claims Boris

by Matt Snape on 6 July 2019 04:44


New video footage has emerged, which reveals Boris Johnson claimed being compared to Donald Trump would be ‘the death of his political career.’


The Commentator can reveal that the former Foreign Secretary told an India Today presenter in private that he ‘shrank from such a comparison’ before stating what it would mean for his career.


In the clip, an India Today presenter is introducing Mr. Johnson to a live audience. He said: ‘They (Mr. Johnson and President Trump) have much in common, apart from the colour of their hair and the connotations that surround it.




‘From their isolationist nationalism to their talent of brazening out gaffes and wording them into political successes.’


Mr. Johnson looked uncomfortable when the presenter then revealed their private conversation to the audience.


The former Foreign Secretary told the audience he must ‘respectfully resist’ Mr. Kanwal’s comparison.


Mr. Johnson said leaving the EU is not ‘nationalistic, xenophobic or reactionary.’


He dismissed ‘sloppy identifications’ between Brexit and Putin, Trump, the Gilet Jaune and the Anti-Vaccination Brigade.


The former London Mayor called for ‘an end to this nonsense’ and said it is time for some ‘analysis over analogy.’


The Observer recently, obtained video footage which links Trump’s former special adviser, Steven Bannon, to Mr. Johnson.


Mr. Bannon discussed his relationship with the former London Mayor, and how he crafted his resignation speech following May’s Chequers Deal.


The former Foreign Secretary has denied having any links to Trump’s former special adviser.


Matt Snape is a freelance journalist whose stories have been featured in numerous national, local and specialist publications

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