Boris tipped to pick Nigel Adams for DCMS Cabinet Role

Nigel Adams to be appointed Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in a Boris Johnson cabinet

Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor
On 9 July 2019 22:43

Boris Johnson is almost certain to appoint long standing ally Nigel Adams to the role of Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and adding some much needed regional diversity to his potential team, according to senior Westminster sources.

Adams is probably Boris’s longest standing friend on the green benches, he was supporting Boris’s Prime Ministerial ambitions from the moment Boris returned to Parliament. It only seems fair that Boris reward his longest standing supporter with his dream job as Secretary of State for Fun.

Certainly not a moderniser, in the context of the Tory Party, Adams was an underutilised talent, under the premierships of both David Cameron and Theresa May. But that does not mean he hasn’t been a senior member of Team Boris, indeed much of Boris’s 2016 leadership bid was run from Adams’s flat, which is only a short walk from Parliament. This time round that role is has been filled by Jacob Rees-Mogg’s home being as is it, located even closer to Parliament. Things like convenience do make a difference in politics.

A politician, with a strong grassroots following, Adams has a down-to-earth demeanour that sets people at ease, as he makes people feel, as if he were genuinely interested, in hearing what they had to say.  He was also intrigued by Donald Trump’s candidacy from the moment the billionaire announced his candidacy, not falling into the trap of some his Parliamentary colleagues of underestimating the man who wrote “The Art of the Deal”.

Unlike Matt Warman, who replaced Adams as a government whip, in April of this year; Adams sought to represent his constituency association’s strong opposition to Theresa May’s failed withdrawal agreement when he put their needs above his own short term political interest, when he resigned from the aforementioned government whip job. He was joined in his profile in courage by long-time friend and close political ally Chris Heaton-Harris, who resigned as Brexit minister at the same time.

The straw that broke the camel’s back for Adams, and many other Conservatives, was when Theresa May announced that she was going to invite Labour to the proverbial table for talks, in a Hail Mary pass,  to pass her rejected Withdrawal Agreement. Adams rightly felt that doing deals with avowed Socialists was anathema to everything both Party members in Selby and Ainsty, and he himself, believed in.

Adams is also blessed with a special sort of negative press, that which makes him even more appealing to the Tory grassroots. In November 2018, The Guardian reported that Adams took part in a pheasant and partridge hunt paid for by the shooting lobby. This was deemed newsworthy even though he failed to shoot any of his friends in the face, unlike former Vice-President Dick Cheney.

At a time when one of the chief criticisms of Boris Johnson is that he has lived in the heart of liberal left woke-Britannia, either Islington or Camberwell, most of the past two decades it be of great comfort to those Conservatives, who also count themselves as members of the Countryside Alliance, to know that one of their own has a seat at the cabinet table.

Electorally, these are also the most active of activists and many of them have manned the phone banks and pounded the streets to deliver a Conservative-led government in 2010 and a Conservative majority in 2015. If the Conservative Party is to have a hope of even attempting to match Momentum and their Labour supporting activists, in relation to boots on the ground, it is essential that they are able to mobilise their base in the country’s heartland. Many of these activists have migrated to the Brexit Party, Nigel Adams will want to make sure that this was only a Spring Fling.

Adams also according to the Metro apparently sparked outrage for a tweet they claimed mocked the idea of a minimum wage for young workers. The tweet in which he asked whether Labour would also throw in an iPad and a Spotify subscription with their policy, aptly used humour to mock the policy for the gimmick that it was. Maybe Labour should be more focused on the systemic unemployment in the Labour heartland before they start releasing “Workers’ Rights… For Kids”. Kindergarteners of the World Unite.

I for one found it to be very funny and even more so in that it triggered the liberal-left outrage police. It reminded me of when Conservative Ontario Premier Doug Ford told student protestors that they should have their “mouths washed out with soap”, when they rudely interrupted the opening of the provincial legislature, in February.

Many Conservatives found it extraordinarily pathetic when Conservative Central Office sent out a campaigning email zeroing in on the possibility that Jeremy Corbyn might have called the most powerful person in the country a ‘stupid woman’ under his breath. Margaret Thatcher would not have had Central Office do that; it was faux outrage.

It will be refreshing to have someone in charge of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport who will not dance to the liberal-left media drumbeat of faux outrage and apology. It is a game that has gone on for far-too-long, for most of the British public, and has been instrumental in fuelling the current culture wars we find ourselves in.

If as I suspect Nigel Farage will soon be sent on a plane to Washington D.C. to repair our relations with Washington D.C. then there will be a Nigel-sized gap which needs filling in our capitol’s media green rooms. I can envision an easy banter and to-and-fro developing between Tory Nigel and Piers Morgan on the set of Good Morning, Britain already.

Nigel Adams as Boris’s Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport would help bring back traditional Conservative voters from the Brexit Party and also put into play traditional Labour seats in Yorkshire and the North East which the Brexit Party dominated in the recent European elections.

For these voters, Culture War issues are paramount to their voting intentions and Boris intends to win these voters by sending in Nigel Adams, as his Culture Warrior.


Patrick Sullivan is the Political Editor of The Commentator @PatJSullivan

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