Want to avoid no deal? Here's how.

Harry Todd tells The Commentator that now only a united front, from Conservative MPs, can avoid no deal

Harry Todd
On 16 August 2019 21:17

Dominic Cummings has stated that Parliament stopping a no deal Brexit is now impossible. With the greatest of respect to him this is untrue.

There is still one way MPs can stop no deal and I don't mean this mooted and much vaunted plan of withdrawing confidence in the government in favour of some nonsense national unity government that will magically both extend the deadline and thrust someone other than Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10.

No, the only way MPs can now stop no deal is to work with the Prime Minister and show the EU that we want a good deal and that their hopes of the UK buckling under pressure died with Theresa May's withdrawal agreement.

Now I'm not a fan of using historical analogies to describe Brexit but in this particular case it is apt to say that a house divided cannot stand and that for the last three years our Parliament and my Conservative party have been bitterly divided. This gave our "friends" in the EU a clear issue where they could drive in a wedge in order to advance their agenda.

It has to stop.

Only by showing a strong, united front can the UK face down a Brussels machine that has become too used to getting what it wants in Brexit talks and has only scant regard for the democratic values we all share.

I understand that opponents of a no deal by and large also opposed Brexit altogether but whilst they cannot seriously believe stopping Brexit is a good idea (or even an achievable goal) they can surely see that their current efforts have only made no deal more likely and that ultimately if they want to have a deal they need to stop behaving badly and show that they can get on with the task at hand in a sensible way despite their distaste for it.

However my criticism is not just aimed at the "remoaners" as they've been termed. Those MPs on the Brexit side have behaved equally as poorly throughout this whole process and have caused just as much chaos and uncertainty. All one needs to do is look at the haphazard way that the Conservative bankbenches tried to oust Theresa May back in late 2018 to see that whilst they knew what they didn't want, they had no clear plan (beyond throwing their toys out of pram) for achieving what they do want.

Both sides have backed themselves into ideological corners and trapped themselves there by listening to idle tittle tattle and malicious gossip aimed at creating discord and thus weakening our hand against whatever the EU is trying to foist upon us.

Granted it may be that both sides come together and find that they have very little overlap in terms of what can be achieved given the short time frame involved but simply coming together at all will go a long way to getting us closer to what we want and will show the world that we are a nation capable of standing on our own two feet - because right now we look more like a pussy cat than a Lion and that simply won't do!

No. Britain must stand tall. We must stand united and above all else we must put aside the enmity of the past and present a vision for the future.

Harry Todd is a Political Consultant with a number of successful campaigns under his belt. He was most recently National Ground Campaign Manager for Leave Means Leave

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