Oulds: Boris won't blink

Director of The Bruges Group, Robert Oulds, discussed the Brexit: Endgame with TRT World, last week

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 3 September 2019 19:07


Director of Thatcherite think tank, The Bruges Group, Robert Oulds was on TRT World on Thursday, discussing the Brexit: Endgame.

Mr. Oulds mentioned the truth that recently has not been able to speak it’s name; namely that the same MPs who are up in arms about Boris Johnson proroguing Parliament voted for the legislation by which Britain is leaving the EU, namely the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018. He told TRT World:

“Parliament has put us in this position by already voting for the legislation to take us out of the European Union; it’s just at the last minute some people are having cold feet.”

Mr. Oulds, who was no fan of the previous Prime Minister, Theresa May, also spoke about what a huge difference the change in Britain’s head of government has made to our nation’s ability to negotiate effectively with the European Union. Saying of the EU:

“They haven’t been negotiating with Boris Johnson, with someone who is prepared to look them in the eye and not blink. The previous Prime Minister always conceded to what the European Union wanted and they knew they could ask for whatever they wanted and they were going to get concessions, time and time again. Boris Johnson is very different.”


Patrick Sullivan is the Political Editor of The Commentator @PatJSullivan

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