The 21 Tory rebels have left this country to Corbyn’s mercy

Matt Snape argues that the recent behaviour of Remainer MPs has placed the country in peril.

Matt Snape
On 4 September 2019 17:57

Though it was an incredibly difficult decision to make, Boris Johnson was right to remove the whip from the 21 Tory rebels who could destroy Brexit altogether. During the 2017 General Election, these MPs stood on a manifesto to take Britain out of the EU completely, as did the Labour Party. This meant 81 percent of the electorate at the time voted for parties that believed in a ‘hard’ Brexit. But they have betrayed the 2017 Conservative Party Manifesto.

The Brexit Party was founded on the principle that the two main parties betrayed the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU in 2016. We have already witnessed the catastrophic damage they caused to the Tories in this year’s European Parliament election and in the Brecon and Peterborough by-elections. If they refuse to believe a Conservative government will fail to deliver Brexit, they will harm the party in all the seats they need to either retain or win to achieve a majority for no-deal. This is ironic because by doing so, they are making it more likely that a Labour government will get elected and legislate for a soft Brexit, thereby making leaving the EU properly impossible. But this is the situation the likes of Dominic Grieve, Margot James and Doctor Philip Lee to name a few are placing voters in. Therefore, I have argued in the past that Boris must form an electoral pact with the Brexit Party to stop them winning seats that the Tories need.

These 21 rebels, the Liberal Democrats and Labour fear a general election, despite Corbyn’s pretence that he wants one. They know that with Boris’s popularity that they will lose an election. Boris may not be in power for very long, and that is why these 21 rebels risk placing Corbyn in government, which would be far worse for this country than a no-deal Brexit. Considering the current Labour leader stands on a far-left platform, which is the antithesis of what the Conservative Party believes in, they are betraying their core Conservative principles to prop up a Corbyn-led coalition. The consequences of such a move will be felt for generations to come as he seeks to undo all the post-1979 reforms that made this nation prosper. As Conservative Home’s Paul Mason argues, it could mean the end of the Conservatives as we know them.

However, they are not entirely to blame for this situation. It Is David Cameron’s fault for failing to make contingency plans for every outcome of the 2016 referendum and retreating when he did not achieve the result he wanted. It is also Theresa May’s fault for throwing away the Tories’ majority and betraying her own Lancaster House speech. Between all the senior Tory Remainers, they have left us at Corbyn’s mercy. They never wanted Brexit and they failed to plan for it properly. Although they claim to be putting country first, these 21 Tory rebels are putting their Remain principles first. Never has Parliament appeared to be so out of touch with the public, and that is dangerous for democracy.


Matt Snape is a freelance journalist whose stories have been featured in numerous national, local and specialist publications

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