Nile Gardiner: Conservative Party returning to Thatcherite traditions

The Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom was very complimentary about Boris Johnson’s management of the Conservative Party, during a recent appearance on Fox Business.

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 16 September 2019 08:27


Nile Gardiner, the Director of the Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom was a guest on Fox Business Channel, last week. Dr. Gardiner was there to give his expert take on the recent goings on in British politics. His analysis will not have made comfortable viewing for those who still want Britain to remain in the EU. He told Fox Business:

“I think this is the last stand of the establishment remainers, who want to block the popular will of the British people. It really is a battle between the British people and Parliament; Boris Johnson certainly framed it as such. Fortunately, we have a Prime Minister who is absolutely dedicated to delivering Brexit. The reality is, he is up against hundreds of Members of Parliament, who simply do not want to respect democracy and that is at the heart of the problem, at the moment, in the UK.”



Dr Gardiner’s comments will have brought good cheer to those members of the Conservative Party who voted for Boris Johnson, however. He was very complimentary of the Prime Minister’s strong stand on those, now former, members of the Conservative Parliamentary Party, who sought to frustrate Brexit, saying:

“Well you have a group of so-called Conservatives on the left-wing of the Conservative Party, who have sided with efforts to block and derail Brexit. And Boris Johnson has said “enough is enough”! These individuals should no longer be representing the Conservative Party and I think Johnson is absolutely right. The Conservative Party should be a Party that is led by Conservatives and people who believe in Conservative principles. And those Mps who have consistently tried to undermine efforts to deliver Brexit, I think they paid the price for that. I think the Conservative Party is now moving back towards a more traditional Thatcherite approach.


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