Daniel Mulhall: Ireland wants UK to do a US trade deal

The Republic of Ireland’s Ambassador to the United States is all for a US/UK big, beautiful trade deal but only after the issue of the Northern Ireland border has been resolved.

Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor
On 16 September 2019 08:58

Daniel Mulhall, the Republic of Ireland’s Ambassador to the United States, was interviewd by Major Garrett, chief Washington correspondent for CBS News, last week. Ambassador Mulhall was under no illusions over President Trump’s desire to do a big beautiful trade deal with the United Kingdom, saying:

“I think that the President has said repeatedly that he wants the US to have a trade deal, a free trade agreement with the UK following Brexit.”



He also told Major Garrett that it would be in Ireland’s interests for there to be such a big, beautiful trade deal, informing him:

“We would also like to see the UK having a trade agreement with the US, with the EU and with everyone else after Brexit. Because they are our neighbours and the better they do economically, the better it is for us.”

However, all was not good news for British viewers as Ambassador Mulhall reiterated that Irish support for a US/UK trade deal was contingent on the issue of the No0rthern Ireland border being resolved first. Ambassador Mulhall was not shy in flexing his diplomatic muscle, revealing that the Republic of Ireland had powerful friends in the United States Congress, who would block a deal, if the issue had not been resolved. He told Major Garrett:

“The President has said to our Prime Minister/ Taosearch Leo Varadkar, he has said that he understands the need to protect the Good Friday Agreement. And Members of Congress, prominent Members of Congress, including the Speaker, have said that if there was to be a free trade agreement that undermined the Good Friday Agreement and damaged the peace process; it wouldn’t get through Congress.”


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