Milk Muck-Up: Baby Fed Another Mother's Breast Milk

Weecare Day Care in Fenton, Missouri is coming under pressure, as it is revealed that they fed a baby another mother's Breast Milk!

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 19 September 2019 13:17


In what must be any mother’s nightmare, Jessi Werkmeister of Fenton, Missouri arrived at the local Weecare Day Care centre only to find her baby being fed from a different bottle to the one she had provided.

Ms. Werkmeister immediately became concerned. Her young son had been born four weeks premature and requires a special formula milk. Despite being initially told that her infant was definitely not being fed Breast Milk, it turned out that was indeed what he was being fed. To add insult, to injury; the Day Care centre had also put the wrong nappy on her little lad.

Being a responsible mum, Jessi Werkmeister found the mother, who had provided the Day Care centre with the bottle that her baby had been mistakenly fed from, through the use of social media, and gave her a call.

Recollecting the conversation in an interview with the local Fox-affiliate, Fox 2 St. Louis, Ms. Werkmeister said:

“She reassured me it was Breast Milk. She was like ‘Well, what’s my son getting, if your son’s getting my Breast Milk.’”



The danger factor with a situation such as this is the risk of a medical condition being passed on from the other mother to the baby through the Breast Milk. As she said, in the same interview:

“Immediately, you want to know what their diet is, do they drink, smoke, are they healthy. So that’s something that the Day Care should have had a protocol for, definitely. I didn’t get a phone call. I didn’t get any follow-up.”

From Jessi Werkmeister’s account, it certainly sounds like the Day Care centre failed to act with due diligence; which is of paramount importance, when given charge over the safety and well-being of children.

The Day Care centre has claimed that this risky muck-up was an isolated incident, and the Director of Weecare Day Care issued a statement, which also referenced God, for some reason:

“We would like to apologize to the parents of all parties involved in this isolated incident. We are sure that this issue has been addressed and resolved. We love all our children and families that God has placed in our hands. We look forward to serving our community and we will continue to protect our credibility.”

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