Project Fear launch War on Christmas

Patrick Sullivan and Matt Snape uncover Project Fear's last ditch attempt to cancel Brexit... launching a WAR ON CHRISTMAS!

by <a href="/author/patrick_sullivan_political_editor/629">Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor</a> and <a href="/author/matt_snape/671">Matt Snape</a> on 23 September 2019 13:35

The Eastern Daily Press recently published a piece called ‘Could a no deal Brexit ruin Christmas?’ Many businesses claim that the ongoing Brexit negotiations could disrupt the delivery of goods throughout the country, and that their Christmas sales could suffer as a result. However, with the prospect of a no-deal Brexit looming on Halloween, this is a last-minute attempt by Project Fear to hype up the fear of no-deal by launching a WAR ON CHRISTMAS!


Statements such as those by Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe seem to be barely hiding their political intent. He told Sky News a no-deal Brexit “would undoubtedly disrupt our supply chains, particularly the fresh food supply chains”. Sainsburys was one of the biggest supporters of the Remain campaign during the 2016 EU Referendum, so it comes as no surprise that they are jumping on the anti-no-deal bandwagon.


Others have stated their worst fears about Brexit too. Parcel Hero told the i for Independent that because the UK would have to rely on WTO rules, those intending to send parcels to their loved ones and friends during Christmas would have to jump through bureaucratic hoops like customs invoices providing proof of origin. Parcel Hero’s spokesperson, David Jinks, told the newspaper this would also result in consumers paying VAT.


Lego also told the BBC about its fears of a no-deal Brexit disrupting their supplies during the Christmas period.


Champagne trade body CIVC warns that households may not have enough supplies throughout Christmas, with the Wine and Spirit Trade Association issuing similar warnings. Christmas is the one time of the year most people look forward to the most, and to drive fear into consumers prior to December 25th demonstrates the lows the Remain side are willing to sink to in order to project their worst fears onto the public.


This is nothing more than a futile attempt to delay leaving the EU further by Project Fear. Their logic is that a Halloween Brexit could ruin Christmas, so why not push it back to avoid a cancelled Christmas?  Of course, Hilary Benn, Oliver Letwin and the so-called Remain Alliance in Parliament who will stop at nothing to prevent Boris Johnson delivering on his “do or die” pledge benefit from this politically. They have made their intentions clear that they want to delay Brexit until January 2020, at which point it would have been nearly four years since the referendum. They are failing to hide their utter contempt for the electorate by doing so.


The reality is that most businesses plan for Christmas months in advance. Norwich department store Jarrold told the Eastern Daily Press that they have been planning for Christmas since February. Bosses at the British Christmas Tree Growers Association told the newspaper they are optimistic about the festive period, claiming that 75 percent of their six to eight million trees that they sell every year are grown in the UK. Many East Anglian farmers have also prepared their turkeys ready for the big day. These are examples of sound business planning prior to December 25 and Brexit is having no impact on their activities.


This latest attempt by Project Fear to blame Brexit for ruining this year’s Christmas is disappointing. Whilst businesses should strive to ensure their supplies are not interrupted, most of them should be doing this anyway, regardless of whether we are leaving the EU or not. This is causing further anxiety prior to a time of the year that can be stressful enough. Any Remainer spouting this rhetoric should be utterly ashamed of themselves.


Matt Snape is a freelance journalist whose stories have been featured in numerous national, local and specialist publications

Patrick Sullivan is the Political Editor of The Commentator @PatJSullivan



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