Remainer Alliance collusion Insult to British people

The most anti-democratic forces in British politics are gearing up for a general election pact to stop Brexit. We must expose their shabby tactics and deliver the Brexit the British people voted for

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Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie
On 14 October 2019 11:49

Since the EU Referendum, Remainers have endlessly tried to undermine the Leave result by whichever means they could find - accusations of electoral fraud; the assistance of unelected courts; and manipulating the Parliamentary process in their favour. All have come and gone.

Now they intend to insult the British people one last time by attempting to fix the results of a General Election and give themselves the seats in Parliament needed to complete their goal of overturning Brexit all together.

Last week the plan of the so called ‘Remainer Alliance’ is becoming clearer, with Heidi Allen confirming the Greens, the Liberal Democrats (who she has just joined), Conservative Remain Rebels and Plaid Cymru will all stand aside for one another in a total of over 70 seats. There have even been rumours of Labour taking part in this collusion to try and fend off the threat of the Brexit Party.

Let us be very clear, such a plan and these electoral tactics are simply outrageous, for the simple reason they take away personal choice from the electorate. Why do a small group of leaders get to decide which one candidate will face the electorate in seats all over the country? A General Election is not just about one issue, and all of these parties have drastically different ideas.

Yes, these parties are united on overturning Brexit, but in what way does this allow a free and fair debate in which the electorate can review all candidates and then choose who to support in their constituency based on all the candidate’s policies. A Liberal Democrat voter may be in favour of Remain, but why should they be forced into voting for Plaid Cymru because of a single issue? The two parties could hardly be further apart on economic policies and the matters of Welsh independence from the United Kingdom.

If this happens, we might as well remove the need for voting altogether if multiple parties decide who they want to win in every seat and how they will help each other come to power. What role do the voters have in this country, if they are not allowed to make the most basic decisions in a supposedly free and fair democracy.

Get Britain Out’s first thought was, surely this level of mass collusion shouldn’t be allowed under our Electoral Law? After all, we were told the Leave Campaign in the EU Referendum broke the Law because of alleged collusion between campaign groups (a claim which has now been found to be inaccurate).

But no, despite the potential for sharing funds, donors and campaigners, this coordinated Remain campaign is not seen as against the rules by the current Electoral Commission. This is something you can bet won’t change anytime soon with the blatant Remain-bias the Electoral Commission has shown in the last few years.

The reason this collaboration is allowed between national political parties is because, at present the Electoral Commission views this on a constituency by constituency basis, instead of on the basis of the national sharing of platforms, intelligence and activists.

Surely, with these electoral pacts seemingly growing in popularity, and the dramatic increase in use of national social media by campaign groups and political parties, our Electoral Law needs to be updated, with a truly impartial arbitrator put into place. Collusion and manipulation of the public should never be a possibility for any political party of any persuasion.

Should we fail to Get Britain Out of the EU as a result of these tactics of collusion by Remainers, there is no doubt the UK political class will face a substantial backlash from those who have fixed the system against them.

The public deserves to have a free choice over the people they elect, not be forced into voting for candidates on single issues. To hide behind these pacts and the loopholes in Electoral Law, shows a true fear of accountability and unwillingness to debate arguments.

Instead of winning in a fair manner, Remainers have decided they no longer wish to trust the British public to make decisions and instead intend to self-select MPs to ensure they always get the result they desire. 

Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie is a Research Executive for the cross-party grassroots campaign Get Britain Out

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