Labour hit with massive cyber attack designed to take all systems offline

Cyber experts warn of major security risks to the general election as hackers target Jeremy Corbyn in a malicious attack designed to take all Labour Party systems offline

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 12 November 2019 11:42

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have been hit be an attempted cyber attack, according to an official statement, released by the party's executive director of political campaigns for the general election.

In a letter to party staffers, Niall Sookoo, executive director, elections and campaigns, said: "Yesterday afternoon our security systems identified that, in a very short period of time, there were large-scale and sophisticated attacks on Labour Party platforms which had the intention of taking our systems entirely offline.

"Every single one of these attempts failed due to our robust security systems and the integrity of all our plaforms and data was maintained."

However, Mr Sookoo said the effect of the increased security protocols which the attacks had required to be put into place had reduced the full functionality of the party's campaign systems.

Andy Heather, VP, Centrify said, “Outside interference in general elections from malicious parties and cyber criminals can jeopardise trust in the democratic process. Tackling this growing threat requires all political parties to take the risks posed by hackers extremely seriously, particularly when confidential voter data including contact details and home addresses are at risk in a breach. All too often we’re seeing online criminals gain access to databases using stolen log-in details and passwords bought in the dark web.

"With this behaviour on the rise, adopting a zero-trust approach is critical, ensuring every worker can verify that they are who they say they are to keep hackers at bay," concluded Heather.

Tim Dunton, MD, Nimbus Hosting said, “With the general election in full swing and all the main parties investing heavily in digital campaigns, it’s no surprise that malicious hackers are hoping to cause chaos and damage the democratic process. This incident is another reminder of why ensuring the highest standards of cyber security are in place to protect party websites and confidential voter data from theft."

Dunton continued, "Additionally, it’s vital that all staffers are fully up to speed with the latest data protection rules and regulations and are aware of the risks posed from phishing and malware attacks.”


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