Yorkshire resident writes letter to Luxembourg’s PM over his treatment of Boris

Matt Snape reports on the Prime Minister of Luxembourg's refusal to apologise over his recent poor treatment of the British Prime Minister.

Matt Snape
On 27 November 2019 16:42

A Yorkshire resident has written an angry letter to Luxembourg’s Prime Minister over his treatment of Boris Johnson during a joint press conference recently.

Christopher Woodard of Richmond, Yorkshire, posted a letter to Prime Minister Xavier Bettel expressing his ‘extreme dismay at your treatment of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.’

He added: ‘It became very clear that the whole fiasco has been centrally orchestrated with a view to embarrassing the UK Prime Minister, which ill-behoves any head of government to do to a leader of another country which is both a friend and an ally.’

Prime Ministers Johnson and Bettel were meant to hold a joint press conference together last week following the UK premier’s meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

However, Boris failed to appear due to angry anti-Brexit protestors outside the location.

Bettel criticised the British Prime Minister for causing him to stand next to an empty podium. He said- to the applaud of onlookers- that the ‘clock is ticking’ and told Johnson to ‘stop speaking and act.’

Downing Street retaliated by blaming the Luxembourg Government for refusing to hold the conference away from demonstrators.

The Luxembourg Prime Minister’s Press Office was approached for a reply to Mr. Woodard’s letter, but they did not respond to The Commentator’s request to do so.

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