Tory activist defects to the Brexit Party after being bullied by trolls

Matt Snape reports on the sad case of a formar Conservative Party member who was bullied out of the Party.

Matt Snape
On 27 November 2019 16:43

A longstanding Conservative activist defected to the Brexit Party after being bullied by trolls.

A senior figure in the Conservative Party sent them a personal email saying there was no place in the party for someone not motivated by money.

The former member, whose identity has been kept secret, explained how they made their decision to The Commentator:

 ‘Well, it was mainly down to a longstanding and protracted intense level of abuse online by trolls linked to some of the party’s members.  

‘The most disturbing experience was having my family’s personal information placed in the public domain by an individual who wanted to silence my commentary on the state of politics in the current period.  

‘It came to a head when it was made plain to me in a personal email that there was no place in the party for someone who was not motivated solely by money.’

Having already left the Labour Party for the Conservatives, the activist said: ‘To leave this new home was terribly painful.


‘Democracy is democracy. You cannot live in half a democracy, especially when 33 million people voted in the most legitimate constitutional event in living memory, if not our entire history.  


‘So, I feel the only way to take part in democracy legitimately is to do so by being part of a democratic party.’


The former member said Conservative MPs are not representative of the party’s activists, and that they are deliberately trying to thwart Brexit by demonstrating a lack of respect towards democracy.


The activist has called on Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) to be scrapped and reformed. They added: ‘CCHQ is an over-centralised, paranoid and incompetent body and this is not a criticism of volunteers, but of the blundering people who run CCHQ.’


When asked what advice they would provide members going through a similar experience to them, the former Tory urged them to join the Brexit Party.


The activist also called on ‘extreme, undemocratic liberals who are found to be at the height of politics’ to be removed.


They added: ‘Conservatism is an idea based upon human nature. It is about freedom, responsibility, order, family, and it even understands and allows for our human faults and so wants to limit government and corporate existence to ensure we avoid violent revolutions or murdering dictators.  


‘If that has no future then we are screwed as a species. The conservatism that I absolutely live by in my life is brilliant. The Conservative Party withers the further it moves away from such an incredible political concept that is relevant to all of us.’


CCHQ was approached for comment, but never replied to The Commentator’s request to do so.

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