No Mr Corbyn, the Labour Party is the UK’s worst employer

As the beleaguered Labour leader launches an outspoken attack on some of Britain’s largest employers, Clare George-Hilley argues that from racism to bullying, the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is by far and away the UK’s worst employer.

Under pressure: Jeremy Corbyn is under increasing strain
Clare George-Hilley
On 3 December 2019 11:11

It’s been a dire election campaign for Labour, but the decision to name and shame ‘the UK’s worst employers’ has to be the party’s most desperate move yet. With opinion polls showing a substantial lead for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives and many Labour-held seats in the Midlands and the North set to turn blue, it’s clear that the party leadership will try any tactic to shift the media agenda away from the exhausted spectre of a Corbyn campaign in turmoil.

The antics of Labour’s inner circle are becoming increasing bizarre, from abolishing OFSTED to unlimited spending commitments - even scrapping the marriage tax allowance which will hit ordinary hardworking families.

Once upon a time the Labour Party knew how to beat the Conservatives, and this naturally meant putting forward half-credible spending proposals before the British people; even if the party had no intention of sticking to them. These days Jeremy Corbyn is looking increasingly tired and despondent. His team have now shifted beyond the usual irresponsible Labour policies right into fantasy land.

One has to wonder where such delusion can emanate from. Perhaps the frequent rallies, chants and cheers at Glastonbury and social media have convinced dear old Jez that he’s going to sweep to power off the back of the student vote? Who knows?!

On that subject, the Labour leader now has ASDA, Sports Direct, Uber and Amazon in his sights. We are told that this is because of poor working practices, pay and conditions, which will simply not be tolerated by a Corbyn government. However, the double standards in this approach are simply astonishing.

These companies - which provide thousands of jobs for workers in all corners of the country - have never been under investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) for racism and antisemitism like Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has.

Have these companies told staff that they will be out of a job by Christmas, leaving workers without a salary or protection at one of the most expensive times of the year, like Labour HQ have where they announced redundancies to hundreds of employees right before the festive season? Have these companies seen mass resignations from senior figures who happen to be Jewish due to harassment and bullying?

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has seen nearly every Jewish MP forced out by the thugs in Momentum and other sinister far-left organisations which believe that Israel has no right to exist. Do the leaders of these companies hang out with terrorists that threaten the security and safety of our nation? No, but Jeremy Corbyn does.

If he had a proper job in the private sector – which he never has and never will – Jeremy Corbyn would find himself on the receiving end of legal action, employment tribunals and police investigations into antisemitism.

When decent men like Ian Austin tell you it’s time to vote for Boris Johnson and the Conservatives, you know that the current Labour Party is beyond redemption.

Clare George-Hilley is a former Conservative Councillor and a communications consultant based in London. @ClareHilley

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