CoinBurp CEO to say ‘crypto’ 100K times for Christmas homeless charity

Christmas charity campaign to raise money for the homeless kicks off today with Peter Wood, CEO for CoinBurp, the cryptocurrency trading platform due to say the word ‘crypto’ 100,000 times

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 10 December 2019 09:23


Peter Wood, CEO for CoinBurp, the cryptocurrency trading platform, will today be saying the word ‘crypto’ 100,000 times while on a livestream via YouTube. Money will be raised in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) during the livestream, which is taking place from 10am to 10pm today, and donations can be made on CoinBurp’s website, here. CoinBurp will be matching one per cent of all charitable donations.

They will also be matching one per cent of all investments made on its Crowdcube page throughout the 12-hour livestream event.

All money raised will be going towards Centrepoint, the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity. Centrepoint support more than 15,000 homeless young people every year, and CoinBurp hope that their charity campaign will help raise awareness and money for the homelessness problem in the UK.

This event is the start of a wider campaign from CoinBurp and its CEO, Peter, who has also planned to provide warm food and clothes for homeless people (23rd December) and build a homeless shelter (January 6th). This campaign also serves to promote cryptocurrency as a viable option for future charity fundraising – as it offers a fast, secure and traceable method of money donation to those who will accept it.

Peter Wood, CEO, CoinBurp, said, “This Christmas far too many people will be sleeping rough in freezing temperatures, with many going without proper meals and the crypto community should be tackling this problem head-on. “This campaign provides an opportunity for the community to come together and make donations in the form of cryptocurrency, underlining the importance of new digital currencies for charitable giving. “When we initially set out to plan this charity campaign, we struggled to get a charity on board who would even associate themselves with cryptocurrency, which has a reputation tarnished by bad press despite its growing popularity and potential function as an alternate method of meaningful fundraising.”

Those who wish to see Peter during his attempt to say ‘crypto’ 100,000 times should visit the livestream, here: And all donations can be submitted here. Those looking to invest in CoinBurp, and see 1 per cent of their investment matched by a charitable donation, should visit CrowdCube

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