Half of Brits worried about Christmas parcel thefts during online shopping spree

Two thirds of Brits plan to buy most Christmas presents online, despite doorstep theft crimewave according new research from iParcelBox

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 10 December 2019 09:41


63 per cent of British workers plan to purchase most of their Christmas presents online, according to a new poll from iParcelBox, the smart parcel delivery solution. This is despite recent police figures revealing that doorstep parcel thefts have risen by nearly a quarter in the last two years. Almost 60 per cent of the 2,000 British workers who were surveyed in the poll claimed they planned to spend at least £200 on Christmas presents online.

The findings will spark fears that opportunistic thieves could cash in on a surge in unattended deliveries in the lead up to the festive season. Over half of respondents (52 per cent) said they were concerned that thieves might steal gifts that have been left on their doorstep whilst at work.

Additionally, almost two thirds (60 per cent) of 25-44-year olds said they expect to make at least one visit to the parcel depot to collect missed parcels this Christmas.

The data suggests that many workers have accepted a trip to the parcel depot to collect missed deliveries as ‘the norm’. The poll also revealed that overall 21 per cent of Brits are planning to go away on holiday this December, a figure which rises to 35 per cent when specifically looking at the 16-24-year old age bracket. Holiday plans could lead to deliveries being left outside the home or with a neighbour, putting the item at risk of damage or theft.

Previous research analysing official police crime data from iParcelBox revealed that there have been 2,578 thefts reported to 23 police forces across the country since April 2016. In the period of April 2016/17, there were 786 recorded thefts.

This jumped to 962 in 2018/19 – an increase of 22 per cent. Paul Needler, Founder, iParcelBox comments: “With the Christmas shopping surge in full swing, it’s clear that consumers are deeply concerned about the safety of items delivered to their homes.

The festive period is a gift for opportunistic parcel thieves, who stop nothing to get their hands on the latest gadgets, gizmos and jewellery that are all too often left unattended by couriers and postal workers when the customer misses a delivery.

The time has come to end the ‘pass-the-parcel’ culture which sees valuable items left with neighbours or returned to the depot for pick-up at a later date. Instead, consumers should always ensure they have a secure delivery lockable solution in place, that tells them exactly when their item has arrived, preventing thefts and giving piece of mind to hardworking Britons during the Christmas period.”

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