Recommended Reading

A selection of the most interesting stories out there for the evening of Monday 23rd December.

by Political News on 23 December 2019 16:24


The Guardian - The smartphone is our era's cigarette – and just as hard to quit

Political Studies Association - 2019 General Election: From Brexit to One-Nation Conservatism

Politico - Hillary Clinton’s Long, Strange Twitter Afterlife

The Atlantic - Inside Tech’s Fever Dream

Bloomberg - A Human Rights Activist Explains Why Bitcoin Is So Important to His Work

Irish Independent – Leo Varadkar Interview

Union News - Johnson under pressure to protect workers’ rights, says TUC poll

The New Yorker - The Top Thirty Cultural Moments of the Twenty-Tens

Daily Record - Angry indoor bowlers 'got rid of Jo Swinson' in revenge for leisure centre row

Fox News - Ken Starr: Nancy Pelosi's impeachment freeze 'constitutionally' wrong


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