Sunday Selection

Our selection of the most interesting stories and articles out there; to keep you informed on Sunday 29th December

by Political News on 29 December 2019 12:31


Politico Europe - Europe on the wane

Pew Research Center - 19 striking findings from 2019

Bloomberg - Why the Pound’s Rally Could Hit a Roadblock

The New York Times - Stocks Are on the Verge of the Best Year Since 1997

The Hill - McConnell flexes reelection muscle with $1B gift for Kentucky

The National - European Commission officials leave door open on Scotland rejoining the EU

The Washington Post - How Ralph Northam came back from the political dead

The Observer - Out but not down: Tory anti-Brexiters tell where the next battle will be fought

Conservative Home - It’s a thumbs-up for Cummings from Party members. Our survey

The American Conservative - Corporatism is an American, Bipartisan Scourge

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