The Best of the Press

Our pick of the most interesting and informative news stories and articles out there for the evening of Sunday 29th December.

by Political News on 29 December 2019 16:31


The Observer - There’s a lesson in Boris Johnson’s jolliness. Liberal miserabilism is a turn-off

The Washington Post – 2020: The Year in Preview

The New York Times - Blocked in U.S., Huawei Touts ‘Shared Values’ to Compete in Europe

Bloomberg - Labour’s Leadership Battle to Deliver Final Verdict on Corbynism

Politico Europe - UK privacy experts raise concerns over ‘catastrophic’ honours list leak

CNBC - Trump stock market rally is far outpacing past US presidents

The Hill - The biggest political upsets of the decade

Rolling Stone - How Disinformation Spreads, According to Chuck Todd

The Sun - Boris Johnson pledges £35million to stop youngsters being dragged into gang culture

Mail Online - BBC is accused of being biased on climate change and Brexit... by its own Radio 4 guest editor Charles Moore

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