New Year's News Round-Up

Our pick of the best of the press for Wednesday 1st January.

by Political News on 1 January 2020 15:47


The Law Gazette - Government urged to rename Supreme Court to curb 'judicial power'

Civil Service World - Downing Street should take back control of the civil service, says think tank - ‘Toxic’ Corbyn leaves Labour in ‘DISASTER ZONE’ - ‘Corbynism must go’ for party to survive

PennLive - 20 things turning 20 years old in 2020

FiveThirtyEight - Politics Podcast: Biggest Political Moments Of 2019. Key Questions For 2020.

The Atlantic - What U.S. Intelligence Thought 2020 Would Look Like

The Star - Judicial jousting emerges at Supreme Court of Canada

The Wall Street Journal – Karl Rove: Get Ready for a Contested Convention

The Daily Telegraph – Philip Johnson: With these 10 bold reforms, Boris Johnson can transform Britain

Politico - In 2020, global ‘techlash’ will move from words to action

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