Weekend Round-Up

The news stories that are driving the news and political agenda this weekend.

by Political News on 5 January 2020 15:57


The Observer - Suleimani’s death is a huge blow to Iran’s plans for regional domination

Birmingham Mail - Jess Phillips prepared to argue for Britain to rejoin EU if made Labour leader

New York Post - As a former whistleblower, I think the Ukraine complaint is cowardly crock

Bloomberg - Biden Defends Foreign Policy Record Amid Trump’s Iran Threats

The Wall Street Journal - Boris and Britain After Brexit

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Doug Ford won't march in Toronto Pride parade over exclusion of uniformed police officers

Inside Over – Matt Snape: Why a March election is risky for Benjamin Netanyahu

Politico Europe - Pompeo gripes about European reaction to Soleimani strike

Mail on Sunday - Two UK warships and SAS are mobilised in the Gulf and troops armed with more firepower to protect citizens and assets

The New York Times - How Big Tech Is Turning New York Into a Silicon Valley Rival

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