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A selection of the most interesting stories out there for the evening of Tuesday 7th January

by Political News on 7 January 2020 19:27


The Washington Post – Come clean, CNN

The Federalist - Softball CNN Interview With Iranian Ambassador Borders On Propaganda

Bloomberg - Wall Street Is Gaming Out All the Possible U.S.-Iran Scenarios

The Guardian - Brexit: Australian trade minister 'can't imagine' visa-free travel deal with UK

The New York Times - In London, Cheetos Tans and a Codpiece Are in Fashion

The Hill - Pompeo pushes back on NBC's Mitchell: 'You're not really wondering, Andrea'

Reuters - Little Christmas cheer for Britain's supermarkets

The New European - Lib Dems to push for a public inquiry into the EU referendum and Brexit

Politico – Bloomberg bets early – and big - on Florida

The Wall Street Journal – Let Bloomberg Be Bloomberg

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