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by Political News on 18 February 2020 06:01


Sky News - Government dismisses EU trade demands as unreasonable and ridiculous

British GQ - Boris Johnson knows the media is still fighting the last war

The Evening Herald (Ireland) - 'FG is preparing for opposition' - Leo scotches FF coalition talk

World Economic Forum - 3 reasons not to panic about artificial intelligence

CNBC - Pelosi says working with China’s Huawei is like ‘choosing autocracy over democracy’

Bloomberg – Opinion: The British Labour Party’s Long Road Back

The Washington Post – Opinion: It’s time for Bernie Sanders — and the rest of the candidates — to release their medical records

The Atlantic - It’s Bernie Versus Mike Now

The New York Times - Bloomberg’s Money Machine: 5 Takeaways on His Political Spending

New York Magazine - What Obama Is Saying in Private About the Democratic Primary

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