Driving the Day - Westminster Edition

Patrick Sullivan rounds up the news stories and opinion editorials that will be driving the day in the corridors of power of Westminster

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 26 February 2020 06:51


Bloomberg - Rebel Tories Refuse to Let Boris Johnson Off the Hook Over Huawei

Guido Fawkes - Read in Full: Steve Baker’s ERG Resignation Letter

The Guardian - Starmer comes under fire from Long-Bailey and Nandy over Brexit

The Times – Daniel Finkelstein: People, not policies, are the secret of success

Daily Telegraph – Asa Bennett: The EU is demanding the impossible from Boris Johnson for a post-Brexit trade deal

Conservative Home – Harry Phibbs: The Conservatives should be more transparent about candidate selections

Sky News - Conservative MP Paul Bristow reveals why he took on 'loud mouth bully' in wrestling ring

City A.M. - Prime Minister announces foreign policy "overhaul" in biggest review since Cold War

Daily Mail - Inheritance tax 'loophole' that allows wealthy families to avoid levy by investing in farmland could be closed in Chancellor Rishi Sunak's Budget

The Atlantic – Tom McTague: Why America Radicalizes Brits


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