Debate Digest

Patrick Sullivan brings together the best reporting on last night's Democratic Presidential Debate in South Carolina.

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 26 February 2020 08:33


Politico - Who won, who lost and the biggest takeaways from the South Carolina debate

The New York Times - Who Won the Democratic Debate? Experts Weigh In

Politifact - Free-for-all: Fact-checking the South Carolina Democratic presidential debate

Vox - The allegation that Mike Bloomberg told a pregnant employee to “kill it,” explained

MSNBC – [VIDEO] James Carville: Joe Biden has to win South Carolina

MSNBC – [VIDEO] Chris Matthews on debate: Joe Biden had his best night

FiveThirtyEight - What Went Down At The South Carolina Democratic Debate                   

The New Republic - The Selling of the Democratic Primary

Axios - 4 takeaways from the South Carolina debate

The New Yorker - Bernie Sanders Runs Out the Clock at a Chaotic Democratic Debate


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