South Carolina Selection

Patrick Sullivan brings together the best reporting on yesterday's Democratic Presidential Primary in South Carolina.

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 1 March 2020 11:54


Politico – Ryan Lizza: The resurrection of Joe Biden

Vox - 4 winners and 3 losers in the South Carolina Democratic primary

The New York Times - Winning South Carolina, Biden Makes Case Against Sanders: ‘Win Big or Lose’

The Washington Post - South Carolina may have just rescued the Democrats

The Hill - Tom Steyer dances on stage in last rally in South Carolina

CNBC - Joe Biden bundlers see surge of pledges from new big money donors after he wins South Carolina

Washington Examiner - Elizabeth Warren setbacks mount after South Carolina loss

USA Today - How Rep. James Clyburn, a South Carolina icon, helped Biden score his big comeback

CNN – [VIDEO] Yang: Bloomberg campaign made a crucial mistake

Fox News - Biden's South Carolina win may aid primary reset -- but Super Tuesday will decide


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