Fintech industry leaders address parliamentary summit

Over 100 industry leaders from the financial services industry gathered for a formal debate on how fintech can transform the economy, with key speakers including Gurhan Kiziloz, CEO of Lanistar, Andrew Martin, CEO of Retail Financial Consulting LTD and Robin Todd of Encompass Corporation

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 13 March 2020 10:49


Fintech leaders held a special debate into the role the financial services industry can play in transforming the economy last week. The event, hosted by the Parliament Street think tank, took place in committee room 10 and was hosted by Dean Russell, MP for Watford.

Just over 100 industry experts attended the event, representing cryptocurrency firms, accountancy groups and large banks and challenger fintech organisations.

Official speakers who contributed to discussion included Gurhan Kiziloz, CEO of Lanistar which is aiming to become a $1bn company in the next few years, Andrew Martin, CEO of Retail Financial Consulting Ltd and Robin Todd of Encompass Corporation.

Key topics debated were the role of anti-money laundering regulation, the role of FCA and GDPR in protecting the rights and data of consumers. Additional discussions were held around the digital divide, which often leaves individuals without access to finance.

The committee meeting also covered extensive discussions around the need for open banking to be fully utilised. Other issues on the agenda included the importance of training and equipping the next generation of fintech entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and giving them access to finance to grow their businesses.

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