Appeal raises £25,000 in supplies for Harlow’s Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

Generous members of the public have made donations totalling over £25,000 in gifts of essential supplies for doctors and nurses tackling the Covid-19 crisis at Harlow’s Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, in a campaign organised by Nimbus Hosting

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 1 April 2020 09:46


An online appeal for supplies and everyday essentials to support the Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, in Harlow with the Covid-19 crisis has secured 25,000 in online donations.

The appeal, organised by Nimbus Hosting, the cloud specialist web hosting company, has already attracted around 2,000 individual purchases of key items such as food and throwaway clothing for doctors and nurses. The appeal was launched last week in response to the growing health crisis which is expected to put severe strain on hospitals across the country.

Nimbus Hosting, working in partnership with Harlow Hospital, launched a special ‘wish list’ via Amazon, allowing member of the public to pay for pre-approved items such as disposable clog shoes for NHS staff, camp beds and energy and protein bars. Anyone who is interested in purchasing items for the NHS team can do so here, on the official Amazon wish list. So far, the appeal has secured donations of 25 pairs of clogs, 100 sanitary products, 40 packs of shower gel, 40 walkie talkies, 40 phone charges, 50 razors and 50 boxes of Haribo sweets.

Tim Dunton, MD, Nimbus Hosting comments: “Words cannot express the gratitude we all have for the men and women in our NHS who are working day and night to save lives. We set up this appeal in an attempt to ease the burden of exhausting and relentless shifts, providing doctors, nurses and staffers with some comfort during this incredibly difficult time. The huge level of support from the British public has blown us away and we hope these donations will continue to surge as the opinion continues.”

Robert Halfon MP, for Harlow comments: "Our NHS staff at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow - right through from the porters, cleaners, nurses and doctors to the executive management team - are working incredibly hard to look after the people of Harlow and keep us safe amid the coronavirus outbreak.

"We are so grateful for all their hard work, long hours and the personal sacrifices they are making to help save lives and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"Harlow has shown overwhelming support for the Princess Alexandra NHS Hospital at this time of national crisis, and I am grateful to everyone who has donated through Nimbus Hosting's appeal to ease some of the pressure our NHS staff are currently facing. It is wonderful to see our community come together at this difficult time."

To donate to the wishlist, please click here

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