The Last Slug unveils international trade package for businesses during Covid-19 crisis

International trade specialists offer bespoke package of support for companies seeking to increase export and import programmes during Coronavirus outbreak

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 27 May 2020 07:14


One of the UK’s fastest growing international trade advisors The Last Slug (TLS), has announced expansion of its services to support businesses seeking to increase export growth during the Covid-19 crisis.

The company, founded in London 2019, already provides consultancy to some of the world’s largest food and beverage providers, and fast-moving consumer goods specialists on both import and export strategies. TLS has a team of over 10 staff, including local country representatives in major continents to provide on-the-ground market intelligence and oversees total revenues £15million.

The new TLS Covid-19 support package will offer companies seeking to enter new markets with a free upfront consultation, including a summary of the logistics, regulatory requirements and compliance needs for enhancing global trade. The company has recently increased its headcount of special advisors to meet the demand from new customers seeking advice about how to boost revenue despite the huge economic upheaval caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

TLS also offers specialist advice around transportation of goods, logistics, customs policies, and insurance measures required to move items efficiently. Key clients supported by TLS include Tampico, the manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages, agriculture specialists JP Beemsterboer and Les Grands Chais de France, the wine producer.

Trade expert Khalid Talukder, CEO, The Last Slug, told The Commentator “The Covid-19 crisis has caused severe strain for businesses, disrupting supply chains, derailing export strategies, and preventing many companies from trading altogether. It’s critical that despite lockdown restrictions and travel bans, businesses are actively working on plans to boost revenues and enter new markets, to safeguard jobs and keep the wider economy afloat. Talukder continued, “In these tough times its more important than ever that providers think carefully about how to grow sales in the long-term and that’s why having a clear strategy on international trade is so important.

For many companies, the minefield of legal issues, compliance checks and logistics of trade in new markets is all too often seen as a stretch too far. That’s why we’re launching this new service, to encourage companies to think boldly about the future and to ensure innovative products and goods are successfully deployed on a global scale.”

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