Q&A with Sonny Sehgal, CEO of Transputec on driving innovation beyond Covid-19

In a special interview with The Commentator, one of the UK’s leading technology entrepreneurs Sonny Sehgal, CEO and founder of Transputec discusses the lessons learned during the Coronavirus lockdown, how companies can continue to innovate and why managed services will enable growth in the future

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 29 June 2020 16:56


With the UK government’s formal lockdown measures easing, and many workers slowly returning to the office, we asked leading tech entrepreneur Sonny Sehgal about how IT and digital innovation can drive growth in a post Covid-19 world.

Tell us about Transputec? 

Transputec was formed in my first year of university where I studied Computer Science at Imperial College London.

The course was inspirational, I loved what I was learning and became fascinated by coding. This qualification enabled me to ‘blag’ my way into developing an application for Chase Manhattan bank! I wrote something they really loved, and they gave me a project which turned out to be a big deal, for which I seconded my university friends to help me develop.

I was then asked to rollout the application to Europe, which was very exciting. However, balancing my studies alongside this newfound opportunity was a much bigger challenge than I’d expected.

It became clear that the corporate world was not quick and agile in getting things done as I’d hoped and our deployment of software was halted due to situations beyond our control, for example if equipment wasn’t configured correctly which held up the deployment of our software. We then moved from a software company to providing infrastructure (hardware and software) as part of our company offering.

By the time I had graduated I already had my own company with my brother Rickie that was generating great profits, enabling us to grow to different client requirements to where we are now in offering Cyber Security, Managed IT services and still developing innovative products. I’ve always worked at Transptuec and never had any other job.

Can you tell us what lessons you are learning amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus?

I’ve learned several valuable things during the lockdown. Firstly, I’ve been reminded that systems and processes play an absolutely vital role in enabling companies to operate efficiently. I’ve also learned that investments we made in remote working around the world over six years ago have been critical to allow us to continue to operate in these difficult times.

It has meant we have been able to continue to trade, despite social distancing restrictions, very efficiently, given the circumstances. It’s also become clear that good communication with customers, suppliers and employees is absolutely critical, especially with lockdown in place.

We work very hard to ensure each and every member of our staff is taken care of, including having regular online team meetings to provide updates on how the company is moving forward. I’m also learning that whilst it was tough at the beginning, our productivity during lockdown is more focused. We’ve had more time to think and reflect on the outcomes of major decisions, not to mention a much better balance between work and personal time.

You’ve recently launched a Thermavis offering to tackle Covid-19, how will it help?

Whilst we were in Lockdown, it became clear that at some stage people will need to return to offices, social gatherings and normal routines and we had develop the perfect solution to enable this to happen. Our Thermavis Multi-Person Thermal Scanner has been built using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to allow the early detection of elevated temperatures.

We engaged our research and development (R&D) teams to come up with an affordable, easy-to-use detection device that anyone could setup with minimal ease.

What other areas are you investing in?

Our AI division, VastMindz, is seeing huge investment in R&D as we aim to produce applications in the healthcare industry. We are also investing in Crises Control, a home-grown mass communications tool which is now being used by global organisations.

Cyber security has also been a significant investment and we now see not only great traction with Cynance, our Cyber Consulting division, but also with ThreatSpike which is delivering cyber security as a service to a substantial customer base.

Where do you see Transputec in five years?

I see Transputec as a core IT services company which will expand its reach in managed services for ambitious organisations around the globe. We are investing heavily in our cyber security, innovation, AI and automation services, which will mark us out as a leading partner for companies which wish to grow despite the Covid-19 disruption.

Sonny Sehgal is CEO of Transputec, a leading IT provider

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