Let’s hope Ed Miliband divides Diane Abbott out of the equation and conquers his terminal pusillanimity

Are you white? Then you probably want to divide and conquer Diane Abbott, right? Er...

Divide and Conquer: Abbott frequently tries to whip up societal tensions in Britain
The Commentator
On 5 January 2012 11:10

Twitter is full of racism; you only need to search the correct terms to see how unflinching some of the vilest people are in expounding their views on why the colour of your skin makes such a difference. We’ve even witnessed the n-word ‘trending’ before – but that shouldn’t ever make us immune to such bile, no matter what Diane Abbott may wish.

During a week where racism is such a solemn and emotional topic for many, given the convictions of two of Stephen Lawrence’s killers, you’d think our ‘educated’ representatives might think twice about making sweeping generalizations based on race.


What Diane Abbott MP tweeted yesterday is not just a sign of how so much of the old British left views racism (i.e. it’s only racist when a conservative says it, or if you’re white) but also on how regardless of whether you’re Harrow and Cambridge educated, as Diane is, you can still be a racist dolt.

Abbott, who stood in the Labour Party leadership elections in 2010, has been on the record previously saying, “West Indian mothers will go to the wall for their children”. When pressed by her BBC chum Andrew Neil on this, Abbott found herself a little lost for words. She should have found these two: “I’m” and “sorry” and swiftly stood down her campaign.

Sadly, this relic of a left wing that has been outdated by some far wiser and urbane colleagues in her party continues to trundle on, educating a new generation of shrill, sanctimonious socialists. Make no mistake about it – these are the same people who can tweet during our nation’s two-minute silence commemorating our war heroes, continue their racist diatribes and at the same time try to make a pariah out of the state of Israel.

This is all part of the same old hard-left narrative that still plagues the Labour Party. It will plague them in the upcoming London mayoral election as it plagues them in London’s East End. They’re a curious old bunch of totalitarian embracing, terrorism excusing, International Socialists who maintain even more curious bedfellows.

Ed Miliband would do very well, morally and politically, to cast these old Marxists into the dustbin of history, relegating them to the extreme fringes they belong in. If he can muster up the political cajones, it would reap dividends for the Labour Party, for his electoral hopes and for politics in Britain in general.

A few weeks ago, Labour agit-props in chief on a local and national level were calling for Aiden Burley MP to resign after having attended a stag party where some attendees dressed as Nazis. We hope these same leftists can see how Diane Abbott’s disgusting smears are one hundred times worse than Burley’s poor judgment and guilt by association. Make no bones about this one – Diane Abbott is a racist and must immediately be sacked – not even afforded the dignity of being able to resign.


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