Q&A with Ronald Javier Baddouh Abbate, CEO & Founder of SplitBill Tech Ltd

Entrepreneur Ronald Javier Baddouh Abbate speaks with The Commentator about the launch of his new SplitBill app and how it can help consumers share costs during the Covid-19 outbreak

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 22 July 2020 10:00


In a special interview, Ronald Javier Baddouh Abbate, CEO & Founder of Splitbill, the innovative new app which allows users to effortlessly divide a bill or expense in a seamless and cashless way, offers his insights into the creation of the company and expertise on how technology can help consumers during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

What was the inspiration behind SplitBill?

I wanted to create a user friendly, tech tool that allows people to financially interact in any expense sharing situation. I have designed an app that can split any bill instantly and easily, in a cool and social way.

Basically, SplitBill was developed to settle the key social problem which has remained unresolved for far too long: avoiding awkward moments among friends managing their sharing costs.

The app can facilitate instant, secure and effortless payments between any sized group of people, saving time and money for the one friend who always fronts the bill but never receives everyone else’s share. Inspiration for the concept came about two years ago during a dinner at a restaurant with some friends.

What makes SplitBill different from its competitors?

There are 3 factors that makes SplitBill different from its competitors:

1- Social Environment: SplitBill has the aesthetic and functional of a social media app – we allocate our brand of technology as more of a social platform, in order to bring friends together by cutting the stress out of shared payments in an ‘all in one’ Mobile App.

2- Instant pay back transactions with the Open Banking technology: SplitBill allows its users to safely access their bank account protected by SCA (strong customer authentication) and make instant transactions between users’ bank accounts directly through the app.

We deem our brand of ‘bill-sharing’ technology as a streaming payments solution – it takes all of the manual effort out of shared payments between friends, by letting the application do the work in processing transactions and payments instantly.

3- It is totally free of charge: SplitBill is free to download and all of its services are completely free.

How can your technology help consumers during the Covid-19 outbreak?

By providing instant pay back transactions amongst friends, SplitBill promotes cashless solutions in compliance with the global best practices of the payments solution sector.

This is particularly important now, in the current climate, where cash use should ideally be kept to a minimum in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Moreover, also in light of the current digital boom of the e-commerce market, in the near future, we plan to deliver an SDK (Software Development Kit), and target the B2C market of hospitality, retail, food and drink services, so that SplitBill can become fully integrated with existing apps, e-commerce and ‘offline’ stores, becoming a default streaming payment service and thus offering the chance for consumers to share costs and expenses on any e-commerce platform. •

Where do you see SplitBill in five years’ time?

In the near future, we will be expanding into European markets and the next goal is to land in the US as soon as the OpenBanking technology becomes available.

I imagine SplitBill in five years time to be a popular social app, connecting people all around the world and facilitating their payment sharing interactions.

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