Q&A with Matthew Stubbs CEO & Founder of BookingTek

In an exclusive interview with The Commentator, technology entrepreneur Matthew Stubbs, CEO & Founder of BookingTek, the company behind the new TableRes app discusses the challenges the restaurant and hospitality industry faces due to Covid-19 restrictions and how contactless services can drive growth and customer confidence in a fast-changing world

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 5 August 2020 10:41


With Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ discount scheme running in restaurants across the UK throughout August, The Commentator spoke with a leading technology entrepreneur Matthew Subbs, the man behind the game-changing TableRes app, which offers contactless ordering and payments, providing safe and swift services to customers

What was the inspiration behind TableRes?

Last year we developed the TableRes App to enhance the speed of service in restaurants. It was designed to make it quick and easy for guests to order and pay when they were in a hurry and didn’t want to have to wait for a server to come to the table.

A study showed the average time from wanting to get the bill at the end of a meal, to actually paying and leaving was 14 minutes.

With the TableRes App, a guest can see the bill and pay it, on their smartphone, in less than one minute – that’s a huge timesaving and it’s just one area of the guest journey that the App enhances.

Most importantly though, the guest leaves happier and is more likely to come back again.

The emergence of Covid-19 this year changed everything. What was a fringe benefit of the app – contactless interactions - suddenly became the most important feature. With just a few tweaks to the technology, the App was able to deliver a complete, end-to-end, touchless guest journey through quick serve, fast casual and full-service restaurants.

What makes BookingTek’s technology different from its competitors?

There are a couple of big differences with our technology. Firstly, its free! That’s right we have made our Mobile App completely free of charge for medium and large restaurant chains.

It’s our way of giving back to the hospitality sector that we have worked with for the last 9 years. We are trying to help operators emerge successfully from what is the worst business climate they have faced in the last half-century.

Secondly with SinglePay we have removed all the complications of setting up e-commerce for restaurant chains. We have built Singlepay, our Tier-1 ecommerce solution, right into the TableRes App itself.

Big chains usually struggle to set up multiple ecommerce accounts across large estates and multiple geographies. SinglePay simplifies the process by allowing one e-commerce account to serve all restaurants in a group.

How can your technology help consumers and restaurant owners during the Covid-19 outbreak?

The main benefit of our technology is that all face to face contact between restaurant staff and customers is eliminated.

This is because guests can use their smartphone to book a table, seat themselves on arrival at the restaurant, see the full menu, order throughout their meal and then pay at the end.

It eliminates the need for a host on arrival and there is no reason for a server to repeatedly visit the table during the meal. In addition, guests no longer touch items that have been though many hands like printed menus, bills and credit cards.

All of this reduced contact leads to a much lower risk of infection.

Our technology also delivers a significant cost benefit to restaurants. Without the need for hosts and with a reduced server requirement, dining rooms can run at lower labour levels.

This is a welcome saving at time when the number of tables (and total revenue achievable) at most restaurants has been compramised by social distancing requirements.

Where do you see BookingTek/TableRes in five years’ time?

We see ourselves continuing to deliver ground-breaking technology to the hospitality sector but at a much bigger scale.

I’m a great believer in Karma and I am confident that the free product help we are giving, to the sector now, in its time of trouble, will be rewarded with many long-term, loyal and appreciative clients well into the next half-decade.

Matthew Stubbs is CEO & Founder of BookingTek

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