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Political Editor, Patrick Sullivan provides a selection of the week's best features.

Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor
On 23 August 2020 10:54

These are my recommended reads of the week’s best feature articles from across the web:


Politico – Biden is already forming a government. Here is what it would look like.

The Washington Post – The Burden of Tim Scott

The Wall Street Journal - Lance Armstrong, Ryan Lochte and the Marketing of Controversy

The New York Times – Inside the Boogaloo: America’s Extremely Online Extremists

The Observer: “It was an act of principle”: The Covid doctor who quit over Cummings

The Atlantic - The Pandemic Isn’t a Death Knell for Populism

The New Republic - Joe Biden’s Great Reclamation Project

New York - America Is Drowning in Joblessness — and Swimming in Cash

Vox - The UK used a formula to predict students’ scores for canceled exams. Guess who did well.

The New Yorker – Can Biden’s Center Hold


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