UK lab supplier iST Scientific enables 5.2 million Covid-19 PCR plate tests

Leading British laboratory supplier accelerates fight against Covid-19 with delivery of 5.2million PCR plate tests to enable faster and more efficient testing

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 25 August 2020 08:02


One of the UK’s leading laboratory equipment suppliers to the life sciences industry, iST Scientific, has supplied 5.2 million specialist micro-plate sealing films, which are vital components in Covid-19 tests, across the globe.

This figure equates to over half a billion individual wells being used throughout the PCR process internationally.

The news comes as countries around the world dramatically increase testing capabilities in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. So far, iST’s exclusive PeelASeal Super Heat-Sealing Film along with our two clear heat seals ClearASeal Weld and ClearASeal Pierce has enabled vital Covid-19 tests to be delivered to customers in Taiwan, the United Kingdom, USA and China. Placed side by side, these 5.2 million PeelASeal Films would cover an amazing 11.56 acres or six and a half football pitches.

iST plans to continue supplying vital materials and products to support the fight against this pandemic and increase these statistics significantly over the coming months as more countries require products such as PeelASeal and ClearASeal for research and testing.

Denver Rich, Business Development Manager at iST Scientific told The Commentator: “The Covid-19 crisis has devastated economies, costing lives and livelihoods, and a rigorous and robust testing regime is the only way to keep the virus under control.

“With health professionals working around the clock, we’re delighted to play a crucial role in this fight, with our PeelASeal Super and ClearASeal range of seals especially suited to Covid-19 tests, enabling secure, safe and accurate testing.

Rich added, “Not only are these quality seals compatible from all plate types, they maintain integrity from -80 degrees to 110 degrees centigrade, and because we manufacture at our dual sites in the UK, availability and speed to market is something we pride ourselves on, enabling us to act as a key supplier in challenging times.”

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