Don’t let the euro liars shift the blame. If Europe goes down it’s no-one’s fault but theirs

Nicolas Sarkozy again invoked the threat of war in Europe if the euro fails. He's a dangerous clown.

An ever closer union, or this!
The Commentator
On 7 January 2012 11:22

It’s always a sign of deep problems ahead when the people in the mainstream start sounding like they have completely lost touch with reality. That, of course, has long been true of the architects and builders of the modern European Union, but now they’re playing an altogether more sinister game of shifting the blame for their pet project’s obvious flaws.

Try this from Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday raising the prospect of war in Europe should the euro collapse:

“The euro is the heart of Europe. If the euro is destroyed, it's the whole of Europe that goes up in smoke. If Europe goes up in smoke it's the peace of our continent that will be one day or another be called into question," he said.

Germany’s Angela Merkel said something similarly cretinous a couple of months back, and using the memory of the darker chapters of European history to whip dissenters into line has form going back several years such as when former Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende in 2005 raised the prospect of a second Holocaust should voters say no to the European Constitution in a referendum.

(The Dutch did in fact say no and there wasn’t another Holocaust, but their democratic rights were erased as the Commission and its accomplices simply renamed the Constitution as the Lisbon Treaty and proceeded regardless.)

So, let’s get to the core issue. The fact that Europe’s leaders are talking this way tells us two things:

First, they know that the risk of a collapse of the euro is very real, otherwise they would not be resorting to such alarmist rhetoric.

Second, they are fanatics who refuse to compromise and take a step or two back if that would mean accepting that their dream of an autocratic European empire will never become reality.

It is that second point that is worth pondering since the first is obvious. Think about what they are saying.

Why, for example, should the euro be the only thing standing between peace and war? Was the continent really at risk of a conflagration if Europe’s leaders hadn’t come along to save the day with the single currency? Is that really where we were in the 1990s?

The notion’s clearly barmy. But like Stalin’s armies in World War II, the leaders of the European project have a policy of no surrender and no retreat. They will defeat their foes – in this case Europe’s sovereign nation states and the defenders of democracy – whatever the cost.

And this is really the point to take away: the comments from Sarkozy, Merkel et al aren’t  meant simply as a warning; they’re also meant as a threat.

When they warn of a return to intra-European bloodshed they’re also saying that that is what they will push Europe towards rather than relinquish some control, pare down the beloved “project” or even accept basic economic realities.

They’re dangerous and dishonest people, and we need to be tireless in exposing them.

The next time someone invokes the risk of war in Europe if their demands for a superstate aren’t met, just say this to them: Don’t you even dare…

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