Globalance launches Globalance World offering a digital interactive globe for sustainable investments

The "Google Earth for investors" provides investors with extensive information about the climate path, the impact of their investments on the economy, society and the environment and their exposure to megatrends.

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 16 November 2020 15:46


Globalance Bank, pioneer in sustainable investing is launching Globalance World, a world first in the form of a digital and interactive globe for sustainable investments. Investors and other finance enthusiasts have free access to analyze and assess the future orientation and sustainability of currently over 6,000 listed companies and selected stock indices with regard to ESG, climate change and megatrends.

The groundbreaking digital platform Globalance World builds on the Globalance Footprint® introduced in 2012, adding an interactive dimension: users can discover the climate path their investments follow, the megatrends their assets are invested in, and where in the world and specifically in which countries their investments have a positive or negative footprint.

The platform provides a new perspective and interactive presentation of daily updated data from thousands of companies linked to relevant news and summary explanations.

Users can evaluate stocks, portfolios and indices based on criteria such as CO2 emissions, global warming (which can be compared to the global climate target of a 2 degrees Celsius increase in temperature), current megatrends and other future-oriented parameters.

For example, the global warming potential of the SPI is 3.8 degrees Celsius, the DAX is 4.3 degrees Celsius, the S&P 500 is 3.3 degrees and the Shanghai Index is 4.3 degrees.

The evaluations are based on raw data and analyses from recognized data suppliers such as Carbon Delta, MSCI, Morningstar or Factset, which Globalance specialists combine and supplement with their own methodology developed over eighteen months of intensive work. Reto Ringger, founder and CEO of Globalance, describes the latest development and world first of the innovative private bank focused on sustainable investments as "Google Earth for investors".

Free access for all investors The platform, available in German and English, sets new standards in the visual interpretation of "Big Data" with its varied interactive images and gives users a personalised view of the future viability and sustainability of individual investment instruments and portfolios.

The Globalance World platform already covers a large global equity universe and is constantly being expanded with new asset classes and company information. Reference cases are also included. For example, Bertrand Piccard, serial explorer, psychiatrist, Initiator & President of the Solar Impulse Foundation, publishes his private investment portfolio on Globalance World, making it available for comparative and benchmarking purposes.

Basic functions such as the analysis of individual companies can be performed free of charge and on an anonymous basis on Globalance World. Registered users can also analyse their own stock investments on the platform and compare them with other portfolios/indices. Globalance clients can subscribe to further market commentaries and Footprint analyses, so-called Globalance Insights.

New transparency standards for investments With its innovative platform, Globalance Bank addresses a broad audience of private and institutional investors. In Germany, the bank is represented by the asset management company Globalance Invest. Commenting on Globalance's latest innovation, Reto Ringger said: "We are seeing an increasing need among many investor groups for greater transparency on the impact of their investments.

These groups include in particular women, millennials, investors receiving a gift or an inheritance, as well as foundations.

Younger generations in particular do not want their investing to contribute to irreparable damage to society and the environment; when it comes to investments, they seek not only financial returns but also positive change and contributing to solving the challenges of our time. Institutional investors, too, are becoming increasingly aware of the responsibility they must assume with their investment policy - for example, investing a foundation's assets in line with the foundation's purpose.

With Globalance World, we make our Globalance Footprint® and other future-relevant data interactive and experiential for the first time. This world first allows users to better understand the complex interrelationships of investments and to make responsible investment decisions.”

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