Half of UK businesses are using temporary staff to cope with the towering workload caused by Covid-19

New research shows that UK companies are relying on extra freelance temporary tech support, according to polling of business decision-makers in large and medium sized UK companies, conducted by Zoho

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 7 December 2020 12:56


New research from Zoho Corporation, the global technology company providing a suite of business software applications, reveals that 47 per cent of IT teams in large and medium sized businesses are using temporary staff to cope with the sizable workload caused by Covid-19 and remote working.

The research, which was commissioned by Zoho and conducted by independent polling company Censuswide, was obtained via a poll of 200 decision-makers in large and medium sized UK businesses.

The findings also revealed that over two-thirds (70 per cent) of businesses are also planning to outsource key IT functions in 2021, in an effort to cut costs during the pandemic.

However, despite cost-cutting initiatives, 51 per cent of business decision makers admitted that their IT budget is scheduled to increase next year, in an effort to cope with continued remote working during Covid-19 and beyond. When looking in to where this budget will be spent, beyond outsourcing IT, Zoho’s research revealed that 69 per cent of businesses are investing in an upskilling programme for staff, to better train them to use remote working apps, collaboration tools, and IT, throughout the new year.

Furthermore, a whopping 82 per cent of business decision makers revealed plans to increase the use of workplace applications to enable more efficient remote working for staff, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Sridhar Iyengar, MD, Zoho Europe, told The Commentator: “Covid-19 and remote working has placed unprecedented demand and pressure on UK IT teams, as businesses rushed to install and maintain remote working software, and cloud and IT infrastructure, in an effort to maintain employee safety during the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, the second national lockdown caused a new wave of demand, and we are seeing more businesses outsourcing IT resources and bringing in temporary staff to deal with the mounting workload.

“Even beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, we are likely to see thousands’ of businesses maintain a remote, or at least ‘hybrid’, working structure for the indefinite future, and therefore, it’s imperative for business decision makers to equip IT teams with better long-term solutions to surging demand for their services.

This includes adopting a scalable suite of SaaS applications, which are designed to cope with remote working. “Zoho’s own ‘Zoho Remotely’ is ideal for this, and is being offered from just £2.49 per user per month for businesses.”

Please read more about Zoho Remotely, by clicking here.

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