Syria the latest example of UN uselessness

A United Nations that still hasn’t managed to end crimes against humanity committed by Assad’s thugs after eleven months has no legitimacy left in safeguarding human rights

UNfit for purpose: yet again, the United Nations proves toothless
Saba Farzan
On 6 February 2012 16:08

I can only imagine what Syrian democrats are going through emotionally after this shameful weekend when the UN Security Council once again failed to live up to its responsibility. Let me say it point – blank: Putin’s Russia has ridiculed human decency with its veto. The current Russian administration has chosen to support, under all circumstances, the axis of Syria – Hezbollah – Iran; an axis that can’t be described in any way other than evil. 

Morally bankrupt and strategically near-sighted, Russia wants to prevent further isolation of the worst terrorist entities in the Middle Eastern region. Russia sees itself as a protecting power of the Assad regime – only it doesn’t understand that it is no power anymore.

In reality, it is the Russians themselves who are increasingly isolated. At this moment, when human tragedy is unfolding in Syria, it’s difficult to be interested in analysing Russia’s strategic interests, but let me point out one crucial aspect of the current Russian behaviour: it was and still is their own brave Russian demonstrators that are freaking out Putin and his puppet Medvedev.

With its veto in the Security Council, the Russian autocratic government has sent a message to its own civil society and dissenters within the establishment; a message that visibly shows how much Russia’s hands are drowned in the blood of innocent Syrians who lost their lives through Assad’s brutality. 

Is this now finally the moment when democratic nations around the globe realize that the Syrian crisis will be solved outside of the United Nations? Is now the time for the European Union will at last live up to its name as the largest alliance of democracies and cut its diplomatic ties with the Assad regime? And will this now be the moment when the Obama administration takes visible leadership in ending the tyranny of Assad and saves the lives of children, women and men who are protesting for a democratic future? 

Syrians do want democracy – after all, Syria has a vibrant civil society, a clear indicator of how prepared the country is to start a democracy. Just think about it for a second: a decent Syrian government elected by its own people that respects human rights and approaches a peaceful policy with its neighbours in the region. What will it mean for Assad’s brutal friends, the Islamic Republic and Hezbollah? Exactly; their doom as well. It could mark the hour of the birth of a new Middle East, with Arab societies moving towards lasting peace with Israel as soon as they embark into a democratic era. 

So why is it that the West hasn’t fully grasped this historic opportunity brought to us by the courageous Syrian people? How many more victims does it need until the West finally takes the ultimate step with a no – fly zone to make Assad’s departure complete? For those who will argue now that such a no fly zone established without a UN resolution lacks legitimacy let me tell you: it’s exactly the opposite.  

A United Nations that still hasn’t managed to end crimes against humanity committed by Assad’s thugs, with the help of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah, after eleven months, has no legitimacy left in safeguarding human rights. The institution located on the East River should face only one fate: demotion to the museum of history. For future generations need to be reminded how this organization extraordinarily failed every single time a human tragedy unfolded in our world. Syria is the latest bitter example, but it’ll be hopefully the last one. 

Saba Farzan is a German-Iranian journalist. Her articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal Europe, Standpoint Magazine, The Australian, and Huffington Post Canada

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